So I finally updated my gallery so everything looks neat and tidy.  Not sure whether I like the format yet or not but until I get it professionally done and pay the big bucks to have someone customize it for me, this will be the gist of it for now.  As I mentioned at the bottom in the gallery, all the florals are available as Greeting Cards at McNally Robinson on Grant Avenue.

I have to apologize for some of the confusion on my site.  Working at one of these is not quite as easy as it looks and if you make an error – try and fix it!!! (without the help of your tech-savy daughters). Anyway, I’m working on streamlining this.

I just came back from a 4-day acrylic painting workshop in Calgary (complements of my wonderful husband) with BC artist David Langevin. 

It was very intense but so incredible and I learned so much and had the opportunity to meet some great gals from BC to SK.  David is a very talented artist and he is so open about sharing his knowledge of art.  He’s also a pretty funny guy.  I had a wonderful time and I’m going to take a break from my colored pencils right now and focus on trying out some of the new acrylic skills I learned.


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