Jamaican finished….

Well, I thought I might not get to it this weekend but I had a few hours this morning to work at it and voila – I’m done!  I am having some trouble with my finish spray as it seems to be lifting the grain of the paper much like a first coat of varnish does to wood until you sand it, so I’m going to have to look into that further but it has come together nicely and is ready to send to the printer for the photo shoot.  I hope you have all enjoyed the journey with me as much as I have enjoyed sharing it with you.  I have yet to find this gentleman yet but I am still checking with my contact in Jamaica as I would like to send him a thank you and a print for so kindly allowing me to take his picture and paint his portrait.  Stay tuned for my next project.



6 Comments on “Jamaican finished….

  1. Thank you for taking a look at my site and your comment. I took a look at your blog as well and didn’t get the connection at first but then it clicked – the dreads! How awesome!


  2. Thank you..Brand new to this today..I am getting to understand it all now..Trying to gain followers for my Dreadloc Magazine..Hopefully you will want to subscribe one day!!


  3. Thank you for your comment and taking the time to check out my site. This particular portrait has been a journey in more ways than one and the story/article will be published in the Colored Pencil Magazine either April or May.


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