Gus cont’d….

So I invested about 2 hours today and worked on building more detail in the nose, trying to get that slightly “wet nose” look – still more to do there.  I used Paynes Gray, Black and Cool Gray 2 & 3.  Also started developing more layers in the highlights/shadows of the fur, in particular the left ear using Burnt Sienna, Raw Umber, Burnt Ochre, Prisma Black Raspberry and Brown Ochre.  I also used some Cold Gray 2 & 3 as a base on the highlights to build the coolness there.  As this ear was facing away from the window the highlights are somewhat cooler except on the top of the ear where the sunlight caught it.  He’s quite a handsome dog with beautiful, sleek fur and quite a variety of colors much like a Calico Cat.




One Comment on “Gus cont’d….

  1. The picture is looking amazing and I am getting very excited to have the final piece on my wall. Thank you soooo much!


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