Shasta Daisy….

Well my Shasta Daisy is coming along although I haven’t started on the actual flower yet.  The bright dappled sunlight in the background should make the petals pop once it’s done but I think I will complete the background totally first.  I’m using Faber Castell Polychromos pencils in the following colors for the background:

Black, Dark Sepia, Cool Grey VI, Cool Grey III, Light Chrome Yellow, Green Gold, Light Cad Yellow and quite a variety of greens – Leaf Green, Pine Green, Emerald Green, Permanent Green, Chrome Oxide Green Deep Cobalt Green, Hookers Green and Dark Phtalo Green.


Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”
Pablo Picasso


5 Comments on “Shasta Daisy….

  1. I love when my watercolors begin to look like life. I love that you shared your beginnings with us. ~amy


  2. Thank you Amy for commenting. I always appreciate the feedback I get. By the way, I was taking a look at your website and it’s awesome. I especially like the floral photos but I noticed that you have some lovely models. One of them, the redhead reminds me of my daughter. She is also a photographer. Question for you. Have you ever considered selling some of your photos to be used for artwork. I noticed some images that I’d love to paint. I usually take my own photos for references for my art but I sometimes will buy an online stock photo or two.


  3. I would sell anything to anyone who wants it. Or you could just take them off the blog…although the quality isn’t so great. I am very flattered by you asking me & wanting to paint some. I watercolor my photographs, too. The redhead belongs to me, she is off to college this fall…we are lucky to have redheads! ~amy


  4. They certainly look great Amy. When I said the one reminds me of my daughter – she is a redhead too. I have a grandson with adorable red curls. We are lucky to have the gingers as my daughter calls them.


  5. Yes, I’ve never heard the term Ginger for redheads until my Ginger daughter informed me as to how address a redhead from now on. At first i wasn’t that thrilled, but now i love the name. Lucky for you to have a ginger grandson! ~amy


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