Shasta Daisy Finished..

So I finally finished my Shasta Daisy.  It was a far more difficult road than I imagined but I did learn a few things as I always do.  Every piece is an adventure and creates new opportunities to explore and understand how CP works, including the pitfalls.  If I were to do this one again I think I would try it on black paper and I’d maybe make some changes to the background but overall I was pleased with how it turned out.  I started on my next piece which is a portrait of my grandson but my external hard drive crashed.   It turns out that they may not be able to recover the data, at least not without a great expense to me and I had over one thousand images on there including the image of my grandson so I’m waiting now for results before I can continue to work on his portrait.  Word to the wise – if you have anything of value on your internal or external hard drives and would never like to lose it, then purchase a few external drives at least and have a backup for your backup, for your backup!!




One Comment on “Shasta Daisy Finished..

  1. I don’t have the words to describe my admiration of your work. This is amazing! I want to drop everything and take up CPs. Thank you for inspiring me.


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