Working on some acrylics for a changeup…..

In addition to getting prepared for my exhibit at the Art Expo this weekend and working on my granddaughter’s portrait, I’ve been attending an acrylic studio for the past number of weeks.  Basically you go in and paint whatever you want, but you have the studio space and use of the facility and there is an instructor there to help you out when you need or guide you in your process.  So I have two 4′ x 4′ canvas panels that I want to paint and can’t do it in my apartment so I’ve been working on a small canvas to get a feel for acrylics and to decide hopefully what I will eventually paint on the large canvases.  Anyway, here’s the almost completed sunflower I was working on.  My hubby and I thought that a bright sunflower over the dresser at the foot of our bed would be nice and cheerful to wake up to but I have decided yet if this is the one or not.



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