Time to get in the groove again……with parrots!

It’s been a really busy month or so.  We moved again into a different apartment, same building just different layout and larger so I have more space again in my studio – thank God!!  I’m also involved in three different workshops with one being online, and another starting tomorrow with the amazing Karen Isenburg.  Really looking forward to that.  I’m also doing an ongoing Monday evening oil painting class with the day filled in time spent with the Charleswood Art Group.  I am currently building our new website for the group which takes a considerable amount of my time and energy but it’s fun and I’m looking forward to publishing it in the New Year sometime.  Oh and I joined an Artist Trading Card group which meets once a month for lunch and trading – lots of fun.

With all these things going on, I haven’t done much in the way of CP work, so I finally got down to setting up my newest piece and started working on the color today.  I haven’t titled the piece yet but I’m thinking “Birds of a Feather…”??  I took this picture when we were in the American Virgin Islands last year.  There certainly are some beautiful things to photograph in the islands well worth the trip to see them.  I named these two Huey and Duey!  Ignore the shadows on the picture – I did a lousy job cleaning my lens.




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