Charleswood Art Group…..

Last year I joined a local group of about 40 artists give or take and was tasked to put together a new website for them – Charleswood Art Group.  Together with my co-conspirator Norma we got it done.  While my skills at creating a website are limited, I have thoroughly enjoyed doing it and learning more at the same time.  As of January this year, our website went live and while many of the artist’s pages are still under construction and the site itself is a work in progress, we invite you take a look.  As events come up they will be posted on the “Events” page, so if you or your group is having an art related event please feel free to email me (see contact page) and once approved we will be happy to post it on our calendar to support your efforts as well.  We hope that you will encourage others to visit us and take a look at what our artists our doing.  Currently we have our Springtide Art Show coming up in April/May (details on the website)


Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 10.33.54 AM


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