Embracing watercolors once again…..

I decided a while back to get back into watercolours as I had been doing them exclusively for a few years almost a decade ago.  So I just finished my second piece and this one was a challenge because I did it three times.  The first time I soaked the paper too long and found that my colors started to bleed too much even when the paper had been left to dry overnight.  The over soaking caused all the sizing to leech out and therefore caused the bleeding.  The second time I was sitting in my workshop looking at some new colours I just bought.  My piece of the poppies which was already halfway done again was behind me standing up against a credenza.  When I opened my new Green Gold tube of paint I found it had a hard crust on it so I gave it a squeeze and it popped sending a lot of paint across me, behind me and all over my painting.  This particular colour really stains.  In trying to wash it off myself it spread like crazy and I wound up looking like the Hulk – Bright Green!!!  Needless to say my painting was ruined so I started again for the third time.  I would do some things a bit differently if I chose to go for number four but I’ve chosen to move on.  Here’s the final version, number three of “Poppies”Pink Poppies WC


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