White Daylilies progress….

Well, I’m getting very close to finishing the background other than some tweaking of shadows and edges.  Once that’s done I’ll continue on with the flowers.  It’s important to keep enough contrast in a piece so once I’ve completed the background I can sit back and decide where my darks need to be darker and also how dark to create the shadow work on the flowers themselves.  Even though the flowers are for all intents and purposes – white, they need to have enough reflected shadows to make them be realistic and pop.  For the background I used a variety of greens, both cool and warm varying them around to create interest and realism.  So if you want to try experimenting with leaves here’s my list:

FC Polychromos:

Leaf Green, Light pthalo Green, Grass Green, Permanent green, Chromium Oxide Green, Pine Green, Juniper Green, Permanent Green Olive, Hookers Green, Deep Cobalt Green, as well as some black, Indigo Blue and Cobalt Green.


I used both Periwinkle and Parrot Green.White Lilies_5



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