2nd Place Win!!!

2nd Place Win!!!

Well the saying goes “Blow your own horn, cause nobody else will”, so I’m about to do just that.  I received notice about a month ago but was not allowed to share till now that I took 2nd place in Colored Pencil Magazine’s 2016 Competition for my piece entitled “Threesome”.  This win provided a slew of prizes including :

• 79 Prismacolor Mixed Media Set• 1 Year Digital Subscription to CPM• Inclusion in our 2017 calendar• Listed in our November CPM issues • Free November Digital Issue• 1 CPM 2017 Calendar• Displayed winner on our website in the Official 2016 Gallery• Certificate• 1 Stonehenge 9×12 White Pad &• 1 Stonehenge 9×12 Multi Pad from Legion Paper• $25 Gift Certificate to Blick Art Material

Here’s the link if anyone is interested in purchasing a copy of the magazine or the calendar.  There are some really amazing pieces in there.  http://coloredpencilmag.com/issues

I was very surprised and excited to receive this as since our move to Sandy Hook I have been totally absent from my art and missing it very much.  Now we are moved in (amongst some construction still and a ton of boxes) and I hope to get back to doing my art again soon.  As a matter of fact I just got my computer up and running today (squeezed in on the dining room table).

There is an extra garage on our property which my husband and I are planning to turn into my full-time studio where I plan to teach as well.  I have also applied to be part of the WAVE here in the Interlake hoping to have enough art done to participate in the fall event.


4 Comments on “2nd Place Win!!!

  1. Congratulations Terry ! Fantastic news and worth every bit of blowing your own horn! You are definitely a master painter of coloured pencil art! As well, I did not know that you found a place in Sandy Hook. Great news…I look forward to seeing your work in the Wave.


  2. Thanks Linda. Much appreciated that you take the time to comment. Yes we officially moved in on Saturday but still not done with the reno yet.


  3. Hi Ashley – thank you for stopping by and the review. “Threesome” is a 16 x 20 on Bristol Vellum. It took me about 150 hours plus to complete. It really was a joy to do once the horses started to come alive.

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