Blue Heron cont’d….

Another 4 hours so far today working on the back leg and a few more feathers.  Again using all values in both the warm and cool grays, dark sepia and a few miscellaneous reddish browns.  For the blue in the feathers I wanted to display more blue than the heron actually shows, after all it is a blue heron, so I under painted the bluest areas of the feathers with Prisma Sky Blue Light and then my warm and cool grays over top and then a little more of the blue.  I will probably adjust the saturation a little more once all the feathers are complete.  I also shot today’s piece in raw file which I’ve never done before to achieve the most data and truer colours although the colours do look a little paler than the actual piece and the blue hardly shows up here.  Shooting in raw format is totally new for me so I’ll have to read up on it a lot more.  Aside from finishing the grass and the rest of the bird I’d love to hear your thoughts on whether I should add a background or not.  I’m leaning towards water but that’s another lot of hours.

Blue Heron_10


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