Blue Heron cont’d….

Today was a big day, in more ways than one.  I decided it was a good day to lift my canna lilies from the ground to prep them for their winter sleep.  I planted six rhizomes early summer this year and today I dug up close to fifty.  Some of them were the size of softballs.  They must have really liked their location and the soil.  Problem is now I have to store them all but how to store that many is beyond me.  Guess I’ll have to call the greenhouse to get the best advice.

Anyway, I also completed the Blue Heron today.  All those feathers!!!  It was challenging but I “got er done”!  I will probably do a little tweaking once I have the water done but will see.  I just started on the water background and I’m thinking I will only do a section of water and leave the rest to the imagination but I can always change my mind.  For the water I started out with a light layer of Prisma Periwinkle, following that using FC Indigo Blue to start mapping in the dark shadows.  I will purposely omit the light areas leaving the periwinkle to show me where my highlights will be.  I also have to finish the grasses in the bottom left-hand corner.

Blue Heron_12

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