Blue Heron cont’d….

This piece will drive me insane.  I really love a challenge but this one is taking forever.  Doesn’t help that I’ve been sick but spending too much time on the water in one go makes me cross-eyed!  So I work in small increments to get it done.  I think having the water there really gives the bird a sense of placement and it’s environment.


Pretty in Pink cont’d…

Having been sick since last Sunday, I’ve only been putting in short bursts on my artwork.  Here’s the latest on this piece.  I’m not all that happy with how it’s turning out so far but I am learning a lot and I’m determined to finish it.

Pretty in Pink Trio cont’d….

Spending a little more time on this piece when my eyes grow tired from working on the Heron water.  Gives me a little break.  My palette for this piece is still the same as in my previous post, just adjusting them from warm to cool, more and less saturated depending on the area I’m working on.  I’m not a watercolourist by any means by I’m working at it and hope to feel confident in it one day.  In the meantime, I keep working at it.

Pretty in Pink Trio_2

Pretty in Pink Trio in Watercolour….

So I’m trying to balance my sanity from working on the Heron to this piece which is a watercolour.  Yes, I do work in other mediums!  Anyway,  I started this piece over a year ago and was not happy with how it was turning out so I scrapped it but I’m a very determined person so when something doesn’t work, I try again, and again and again and as many times as I need to get it right.  So here I am once again working on these lilies.  Having taken a few pages from a book by Susan Harrison Tustain on managing water in WC, I’m having more success than I did Pretty in Pink Trioin the past.  I guess the proverbial light went on as I read her book and watched her video and I’m finding I’m understanding more of what I’m doing rather than just winging it and hoping for the best.  Some of the shadows you see in the paper are because it is still wet and moving.  This is a 13.5 x 10.5.  I’m working with a palette of Permanent Rose, Raw Sienna and Aureolin Yello for most of the petals as well as some Prussian Blue and Dioxazine Purple in very light amounts for the folds of the petals.  Aureolin Yellow and Sap Green for the center areas of the petals.  I start with one petal at a time, giving it a good coverage of water and once the sheen has gone I add another lighter soak and begin dropping in my colours.  I did also apply some masking fluid per petal in a few areas as well.  Once each petal was completely dry (overnight) I go back in with a little more richer colours to begin deepening the colours.  I then started to add in some of the lines and then applied another layer of either just water or more colour.  This way the lines soften up a bit and become more painterly.

Blue Heron cont’d….

Nothing much to report, just the ongoing saga of the water that is making me crazy!  A little more done.

Blue Heron_16

Blue Heron cont’d…..

This particular piece is taking a long time to complete as I decided to put in the water background and much like doing feathers your eyes can so easily get lost on where you are.  Achieving the balance of the waves is crucial to have it look realistic and yet still provide the role of support for the bird.  I’m using basically 8 colours.  FC – Payne’s Gray, Dark Sepia, Indigo Blue and Cold Gray VI.  In the Prismas, I’m using Sky Blue Light Periwinkle, Slate Gray and Green Ochre for the bits of weed floating on the surface.  I’m completing only about an inch a day as my eyes and my patience are tested after completing that small amount of space.  I first sketch in with indigo or payne’s gray about an inch worth of shapes,  then I add periwinkle around the soft edges, putting in the sky light blue in the areas around the seaweed.  Then I start my layering process, building with all my colours the depth and density of the shadows till they look right.  Once I have done all the water as per usual, I will go into and blend a little more, darken some areas, add some more highlights where needed and in general just clean it up.  I used a number of colours of pan pastels to sort of map in the water before moving forward just to give myself an idea of where I want to go and to create a base of colour I can build on.  I still have to finish the lower left grasses and the rocks need some work as well.

Blue Heron_15

Beginner’s Coloured Pencil class – group 2

Sorry, this is a week late almost but I’ve had a very busy week and just haven’t been able to get into my studio and get this out.  The second group in my Beginner’s CP course has now completed their 6-week stint.  I think it was a great success and hopefully everyone learned a lot.  One thing I know is that they all learned that it’s not as easy a medium as one would think.  Congratulations to Adrian,  Maureen, George and Bev.  Bev is not in the picture due to a family urgency, so she was unable to attend our last class.  Bev’s mom passed away within a day or so of our class.  Our hearts go out to you and your family Bev.

Group 2_Beginner CP_2017

Blue Heron cont’d….

Finally got around to making some decisions and serious application to the Heron.  I couldn’t decide what seemed to be not quite right about it in my mind but I decided that I needed to close off both sides but I didn’t want to have to add a whole lot more grasses and water to keep it at the 16 x 20 size so I opted to make it 13.5 x 15.5 and add in only enough of the elements to fill that size edge to edge.  Using artistic license I added some more rocks and some bull rushes as well.  I  need to finish out the grass in the foreground and the water at the right edge, then I think after a few tweaks here and there, I’ll be able to put this one to bed.

Blue Heron72_14

Blue Heron cont’d…..

Well, each day I get a little more completed and I’m almost there but sometimes all the finishing touches can take more time than you think.  I decided to add the reeds and water and a few more rocks but I’m still looking at it and thinking it needs something else and the water is not finished yet.  I’ll let it sit for a day or so and then look at it again to determine what that “else” is.  Shouldn’t be long before it’s done though.  The colour is off but that will be fixed.


Blue Heron cont’d….

I spent all of today working on some vintage Christmas cards in CP as well as closing in on the finish line for the Blue Heron.  I had decided to add water in the lower background and I’m pleased with how it’s turning out.  I can see already that I will be doing some adjusting to the values here and there but overall I think it’s all on track.

Blue Heron_12


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